In the heart of the Cévennes, John Lennon met the Daft Punk. And together they played music! No trace of this episode is found among historians and music chroniclers, but the scene did well and truly happen in the bubbling mind of Stephan Crestani. Fine connoisseurs of pop music remember the album Le long des lignes (Along the lines), released by the group Blanc on Major EMI / Capitol. It was him – yet in a former life. Since then, Stephan has allowed a few turns, pushed the reflection and learning, until becoming a coach in NonViolent Communication (NVC). "To dare non-violence in the world today requires courage and inspiration. Fortunately, some have paved the way, such as Ghandi, Luther King, Mandela and many others ... I have been particularly transformed by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NonViolent Communication. NVC is an approach that promotes relationships that are both true and caring and it has already helped resolve conflicts in couples, companies and even communities that have been at war for years all over the world. "

While delving into the thought and texts by the American founder of the movement, Stephan came up with the idea to orchestrate this fusion. Arrived at the crossroads of his life, he was somehow in touch with the obvious: "I realized that the two big pieces of the puzzle of my life were intertwined, with music and transmission. On the other hand, it is not at all the same posture, because the purpose of this new musical experience is much wider ..."



Nina Nassif

Nina, aka Ninka has already travelled many stages all over the world with her duo ILHAAM PROJECT, for 10 years now.

She is inhabited by an uncommon flame for unmarked paths. She was the first to embark on the adventure WONDERFOOL, with the firm intention to let her art serve projects and values ​​that contribute to a more harmonious world!

Charlotte Crouzet

At the age of 20, Charlotte is the youngest member of the collective. She delights us with her pure voice, her shades of jazz with funk and soul influences. "I want to master my instrument to put myself at the service of music and values ​​like benevolence". Today, she shares her life between the Wonderfool project and her music studies. She's the one singing the first single, "Reach Out To Life"!

Chloé Monin

A singer and instrumentalist, Chloe is a young multi-faceted artist. Member of the SCOTCH & SOFA duo, for more than ten years, she has travelled the stages of France. Her song "Je glisse" in the movie "En quête de sens" (=In a quest for meaning) has revealed to her a true desire to support musical projects that make sense. For her, joining this project was the obvious response to Stephan's invitation. "Sing, in the service of Joy and Sharing, to awaken the nugget hidden in each of us"!

Akemi Fujimori

A multiple instrumentalist, singer and irredeemable dreamer from a very young age, Akemi follows various artists, on stage or in studio (Corine, Feline, Naive New Beaters, Mathieu Saïkaly ...). She composes and also plays for her own project, DISMAZE. She’s joining with great pleasure the Wonderfool family, whose values ​​are particularly dear to her heart!

Nans Thomassey

Nans’s invitation is simple: the journey to awaken confidence and compassion in our humanity. He co-wrote "The Great Traveler's Bible", published by Lonely Planet and is currently co-producing the documentary series “Nus et Culottés” (the Nudes and the Cheeky), broadcast on prime time each summer on France 5, in which he goes to meet the heart of women and men. Wonderfool suits him in the tradition of his path and it is with joy that he accepted to support the project by participating in the adventure as a "special guest"!

Stephan Crestani

After being a singer, guitarist and songwriter in the bands Juliabird, She's a boy and BLANC(Capitol / EMI), Stephan takes a break during which some values ​​transform his life. "Today I would like to explore a new approach to music, putting it at the service of certain keys that have allowed me to live more fulfilling relationships."